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✓ Basic Package       £250.00

• 1 Hour Photo Shoot session.
• 3 x low resolution images of your choice(web use only) on CD.
• 2 x Prints  8” x 10”  (203mm x 254mm)

✓ Plus Package       £450.00

• 2 Hours Photo Shoot session.
• 6 x low resolution images of your choice(web use only) on CD.
• 3 x Prints  8” x 10”  (203mm x 254mm)

✓ Pro Package       £825.00

• Half a day (4 Hours) Photo Shoot session.
• 12 x Low resolution images of your choice(web use only) on CD.
• 4 x Prints 8” x 10”  (203mm x 254mm)
• 2 x  Prints  12” x 16”  (305mm x 406mm)

✓ Meer Art Package       £1250.00

• Full day (8 Hours) Photo Shoot session.
• 24 x Low resolution images of your choice(web use only) on CD.
• 9 x Prints  8” x 10”  (203mm x 254mm)
• 3 x Prints  12” x 16”  (305mm x 406mm)

✓ Fashion & Beauty Package      £1250.00

• Full day (8 Hours)  Photo Shoot session.
• As many looks as possible within the shoot session.
• 24 x Retouched high resolution images of your choice on CD 
• With the right to print.

✓ Special Kids Package      £333.33

• 90 Minutes Photo Shoot session for kids under 16 years old.
• 5 x low resolution images of your choice(web use only) on CD.
• 2 x Prints  8” x 10”  (203mm x 254mm)
• 1 x Print  12” x 16”  (305mm x 406mm) 
[One of the parents has to be present at the photo shoot session.]

N.B. All Prices Are EXcludin VAT(20%)

✓ Optionals:

1. Additional web size images can be added to any package for £ 15.00 per image. 
2. Additional 8” x 10”  Prints can be added to any package for £ 30.00 per print.
3. Additional 12” x 16”  Prints can be added to any package for £ 60.00 per print.
4. Makeup artist and/or Hair Stylist (price on request).
5. Location shoot (price on request).
6. Extension of the shoot session (£150 for an additional hour of shooting, if possible).
7. Custom made packages according to your specific requirement could be arranged.

The Session

In order to get the best results, I like to shoot different looks during the session. So it would be great if you bring a variety of your favourite clothing and we shoot each look until I feel we’ve got it covered. Feel free to bring your favourite music if it helps lifting your mood.
Part of my process is to edit the session with you as we go. You and I will inspect each shot one by one. By shooting and editing in this manner we can adjust the session and focus on what works for you. Finally before you leave the studio we will choose our favourite photos together.

If you choose me as your photographer then you would be agreeing that it’s your responsibility to convey me anything that you feel could be improved over the course of the shoot while we are shooting. I want nothing more than having you totally satisfied with the outcome and things are for the most part easy to adjust during the session. 

N.B. the session starts once you are in front of my camera.

✓ Retouching & Printing

Once you’ve chosen your final photographs, the retouched photos shall be sent to you via e-mail. Upon your approval of the retouching the finished photos shall be printed.

✓ Hair & Makeup

In case Makeup Artist and/or Hair Stylist  is required, I need to be informed at the time of booking & there will be an additional charge (price on request).

. The Makeup Artist and/or Hair Stylist requires cash payment on the day of the Shoot.

Booking & Payment

✓ Booking

In order to book your convenient session, I suggest you to book at least two weeks in advance.
There is 50% deposit required to book the session, this is non-refundable and goes towards the total price of your chosen package.
. If for any reason you need to change a scheduled
session, I require 72hrs notice, and we would credit your deposit towards your rescheduled session.

✓ Payment

A non-refundable deposit of  50% is required to book a session and is due when you’ve chosen a shoot date. You can ask for Meer Art account details upon booking.
The remaining 50% should be paid on the day of the shoot upon arrival either in cash or the proof of your payment into Meer Art's bank account.

✓ Returning Clients

Once you shoot with us you become eligible to take advantage of our discount for returning clients and
you will get 30% off on the same package or 15% discount on any higher packages.

Meer Art's Photo Shoot Packages PDF file

✓ Click the link below to download the PDF file:


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Top floor, 71 Leonard Street London UK
Mobile: EC2A 4QS
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Mob : +44(0)79 777 55 777
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